ARTISAN 30 | Blackstar


30 Watt handwired 2x12


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There is something magical in the sonic
qualities of the 30W EL84 power stage
driving a pair of classic British speakers.
The ARTISAN 30 takes this tone and
distils it to a new level of tonal purity. One channel is built around an EF86 with a 5-way Bass Shape switch and the other an ECC83 with the addition of a Voice control for extra tonal flexibility. The Master Volume delivers the pure, natural crunch that you would expect from an amp of this quality.

• Class A 30W combo
• Switch for 10W triode mode / 30W pentode mode
• 4 x EL84 output valves
• EF86 channel with 5-way Bass Shape switch
• ECC83 channel with 2-way Voice switch and Master Volume
• Hi and Lo inputs perfect for channel blending
• Impedance selector
• 2 x Celestion Vintage 30 speakers

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