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The BUGERA 412H-BK half-stack not only perfectly complements our BUGERA all-tube amp heads, but also matches virtually any amp head with its four original 12" BUGERA speakers. We are proud to load this crushing cabinet with the same BUGERA speakers we put into production years ago—and yes, they're still made by hand in our very own factory.

The 412H-BK is built like a tank, meaning there's no room for unwanted resonance and vibrations. This cabinet delivers nothing but BUGERA tone.

This monster comes matched to work perfectly with all BUGERA heads, incorporating a flexible mono-stereo mode that allows you to switch from 200-Watt, 16-Ohm mono to 2x100-Watt, 8-Ohm stereo operation.

The BUGERA 412H-BK isn't just kind to your ears. Your wrists and back will rejoice at how easy it is to transport this cabinet, thanks to the recessed handles and built-in rollers. With reinforced corners and protective vinyl covering, the 412H-BK is built to take a serious beating.

Whether you're looking to complement your BUGERA head or any other guitar amp, the BUGERA 412H-BK is designed to make you sound great no matter where you're playing.

Product Inquiry

Asraf : 12/9/2011 5:37:46 AM
Hello, Bugera cab 4x12 still in stock at Penang ? I'll come by tomorrow. Let me know. Thanks.

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