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DRAWMER 1 Stereo In 6 Stereo Out Balanced Distribution Amp


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With the DA-6, you can send balanced audio signals from a single source down long cable runs to multiple different destinations, and the signal doesn't break up. Drawmer's DA-6 Balanced Distribution Amplifier has six stereo channels (12 mono) and features XLR balanced inputs and outputs. Optional transformer balancing enables remote amplifiers and recorders to be fed to the DA-6 from separate power supplies. The DA-6 can also be connected to other units via auxiliary link stereo jack sockets is the rear panel. It's precision and quality performance make the DA-6 the ideal amplifier for broadcast, video, or anywhere clear audio has to be sent to many locations or through long cable runs.

• 1x6 Stereo Distribution Amp with Monitoring

• 1 set of stereo (2) XLR inputs

• 6 sets of stereo (2) XLR outputs

• Input stage has LED level meter

• Each output channel can be switched to mono

• Each output channel can be individually monitored

• Built-in headphone amp

• Optional transformer balanced outputs

• Electronically balanced inputs with individual left/right

level controls

• LED metering on input for balancing stereo material or

two mono signals

• Left/Right level controls on each output with a stereo/

mono switch

• Headphone jack to monitor output of selected channel

• LED metering on output of selected channel

• Auxiliary pair of balanced 1/4" output jacks for

linking multiple DA6 units

• 1 unit rack space

• Inputs and Outputs are balanced XLRs at +4dBu

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