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SONOR has teamed up with one of the world’s greatest and most renowned Drummers, Danny Carey to create a One-of-a-kind Signature Snare Drum Model. At the same time, it is the birth of a complete new product line of true Signature Snare Drums that will be updated continuously.

Danny is a proud member of the worldwide SONOR artist family since 1992, with a history playing SONOR since 1982 and has gained a reputation as a Drum god over the years. Together with Tool, a band absolutely unique and true to itself, he has travelled the world and recorded six albums since the band was found in 1990.

In 2008, SONOR and Danny teamed up to create a new Snare Drum that is all about Danny and his sound, the Tool sound. The Snare Drum is made out of a 1 mm Bronze Shell and comes with Artist Series Snare Drum Style lugs. The 2.3 mm Power Hoops allow the Drum to breath open. All hardware comes in Chrome. With a diameter of 14” and a depth of 8”, it is truly homage to the “Vintage” Signature Line Snare Drum that has been with Danny throughout his career. The shell is covered by unique talisman symbols between the lugs. Also engraved around the air hole is Danny’s signature that gives his drum his final, personal touch.

Says Danny, test driving the first Prototype in summer of 2008: “The Snare Drum has a powerful, but still versatile sound”. The Snare can be tuned high or low without loosing the specific, warm Bronze sound in combination with the full bodied shell sound. When tuned high, a nice crack is added, tuned low, you find yourself in Danny’s sound sphere.

Product: SSD 09 1408 DC

Measurements: 14" x 8"

Shell: Bronze

Shell Thickness: 1 mm

Tension Rods: 2 x 10 pieces

Batter Head: Sonor Head made by REMO

Resonance Head: Sonor Head made by REMO

Snare Wires: 20 steel wires

2.3 mm Power Hoops, TuneSafe, throw-off snare action, chrome plated, protection lacquer

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