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SONOR 14“ x 5“ Maple, „Vintage“ shell, 6 plys = 4,2 mm, MB = Scandinavian Birch


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With its thin Vintage Maple Shell, this Artist Snare Drum offers excellent resonance and a clear, transparent sound. The classic Scandina-vian Birch finish and the golden fittings give the drum an extraordinarily fine-finished look. The very warm and rich sound characteristics make it the ideal snare drum for a very wide variety of musical styles.

Product: AS 07 1405 MB

Measurements: 14" x 5"

Shell: Vintage Maple

Shell Thickness: 6 layers = 4 mm + 2 mm Dynamic Edge

Tension Rods: 2 x 10

Batter Head: White Medium

Resonance Head: Clear Medium

Snare Wires: SW 1418 B, 18 bronze wires

matt lacquer finish, gold plated fittings with protectors, TuneSafe, throw-off snare action, adjustable on both sides, single flange hoops

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